Short Bio

Michael Christian was born in small town in Indonesia, studied Architecture, and graduated first in class but struggle to find jobs due to major economic crisis in Asia 1998.

He moved to UK in 2001 after he has been awarded a scholarship at the University of East London to study Computing and Design.

Self trained in the early days of Internet and after working with one of the major Architect firm in London he decided to quit the job and start a company with a business partner.

Michael is founder of several start-ups and currently managing an intranet Software Company. Headquartered in Brighton UK with worldwide clients and partners in Canada, USA, Australia, Middle East and South America, Claromentis aims to revolutionize how enterprise software is built and deployed across multitude of devices and platform.

Rapid Prototyping

Michael is known for his ‘Rapid Prototyping’ methodology to help clients visualize their ideas and get it into working software in the shortest period of time possible.

Information Architecture
UX Design
Photography & Video

Family Life

Michael is married to a talented sugar artist Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art, has a young daughter and currently lives in a picturesque village of Lindfield in Sussex, England.

Cups of coffee
Happy clients

I can help you with...


Got an idea but don't know how to start?

Rapid prototyping can help you to visualise your idea and help to turn it into reality to test the idea fast!

User Experience

Do you care about your users?

Working with you to design the best user experience of your product, services or app.

Interface Design

Problem with Interface clutter?

We can help you by designing a clean and user-friendly interface for web or mobile application.


Organising an events?

Michael is frequently provide talk in various tech conference and seminar.

UX Workshop

Need help with collaborative design process?

We can facilitate and running user experience interactive workshop & seminar for your team.

UX Help

Is your app or site difficult to use?

We can help improving usability of the app to make users happier.