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Trianglify Generator

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Generate Triangle PNG or SVG Background

Trianglify Generator.

Making your Intranet Better

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Waitrose Intranet

Recently I've been doing some research on how simple changes can be so effective and made a huge difference.

We are all understand about the power of image and having visuals in communication. It is also the reason why InfoGraphic is so powerful in delivering complex messages.

The same reaction happen when we made changes to a background image on our desktop / phone or cover image in our social media profiles.

Why is this by changing a simple visual elements we're getting a slight 'buzz' from  fresh feeling of something new?

At my work with Claromentis we've been studying the same thing and here are intranet practical tips and best practice to make your Intranet better based on the study above.

5 simple things to do to make your Intranet instantly better.

CodePen – A Pen by Sonu Joshi

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CodePen - A Pen by Sonu Joshi.


Great chat CSS


Razers Nabu smart band is half fitness tracker and half smart watch video.

When company CEO Min-Liang Tan briefed us on the product, he was careful to dance around the word tracker. "It's not a smartwatch," he said. "It's not a fitness band. It's what we're calling a 'smart band.'" Min gave us an introduction to the device at CES 2014: read on a closer look at the band, and a video of the CEO demoing the product for the first time.

Science of Persuasion

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I am a sucker when it comes to data visualization and this is fantastic resource.

The 20 best tools for data visualization | Web design | Creative Bloq.